Are you ready to witness your garden come to life with minimal effort? GROW UP! Coco is here to transform your gardening experience. Say goodbye to the laborious task of filling flower pots and welcome the future of hassle-free plant care. With these innovative pots, your plants practically grow themselves!

The Future
of Effortless Gardening

Phase 1:
Unboxing Delight

Open the package and discover the future of gardening within.

Phase 2:
Revealing the Coco Pot Inside

Inside you'll find the dehydrated coco brick, the heart of your gardening journey.

Phase 3:
Unwrapping the Textile Pot with Coco Brick

Gently unwrap the textile pot that snugly holds the coco brick.

Phase 4:
Nourishing with Water

Apply water or nutrient solution to the coco brick and watch the magic happen.


Imagine just adding water, and your plavnts flourish right before your eyes. GROW UP! Coco flower pots offer a growth experience like no other. No gardening expertise needed! Let’s GROW UP together!


Creating the perfect home for your plants is now a breeze. Our pots maintain the ideal conditions for your plants from day one. A precisely balanced mix of essential nutrients means your plants receive top-notch care.


Our coir substrate’s moisture retention prowess ensures your plants are always perfectly hydrated. No more guessing when it’s time to water – we’ve got it covered.


The innovation doesn’t stop there. The textile flowerpot design delivers an extra dose of oxygen to your plant’s roots, promoting healthier, more robust growth.


GROW UP! Coco flower pots are certified organic (RHP, OMRI, RAL, IMO). When you choose them, you’re not just helping your plants thrive; you’re also making a positive impact on the environment. We’ve even had them rigorously tested in the lab to ensure they’re free from harmful heavy metals.


No more plastic pots to worry about after harvest. Embrace sustainability and be kind to the planet.

Make gardening a delight, not a chore. Unbox, water, plant, and watch your garden flourish effortlessly.
Experience the future of gardening with GROW UP! Coco. Your plants will thank you, and so will the planet.


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